April 11, 2014


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Thanks for praying!!

We are thanking God for his care surrounding us!

Our daughter, Lora, and her husband, Vuyani, were blessed with the safe arrival of their second child, another son. Cohen was born at 1:15am this past Sunday night.

Almost a week earlier than expected, labor pains started at about 11:30pm. By midnight things were clearly speeding up, so they did too. They arrived at the hospital with too little time to make it to the labor and delivery section. So he arrived in about 15 minutes at the ER, with no doctor there. Thankfully, everybody is recovering well, and came home yesterday, Thursday.

Three weeks ago, I was sandwiched on the freeway in Johannesburg, South Africa. At a point where lanes were suddenly reduced for construction a number of us were braking aggressively. About the time I had concluded that I was going to avoid knocking the vehicle in front of me I got slammed from behind. The force pushed me the rest of the way into the vehicle in front of me. No one hurt. All insured. After some minor surgery to my vehicle, I was able to drive on home to Eswatini when the police were finished. The guy behind me required towing.

Working through communication challenges and across national boundaries is proving to be “interesting” so no repairs have been started yet. We get stopped at every police checkpoint, required to explain what happened and why we don’t have a “Police Clearance,” a form that is non-negotiable here but unused in South Africa.

Then last week we got a punctured tire on the right vehicle (the same one) at the right time (5:30AM). More about that another time.

Just to say, we sense the shadow of the Almighty over and around us!

Thanks for praying,

Peter & Mary Jean Kopp